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IADC Explores Critical Privacy and Data Protection Legal Issues in October 2017 Defense Counsel Journal

Understanding the legal challenges impacted by privacy in today’s age of widespread surveillance, artificial intelligence, electronic records and other technologies is a critical mission of the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC). As part of its ongoing commitment to legal education, the IADC has dedicated the October 2017 edition of its Defense Counsel Journal (DCJ) to the exploration of privacy issues.

“In a world where we seem to be moving away from an expectation of privacy because of security concerns arising from worldwide terrorism and rapid advances in technology, it is up to the courts, legislatures, and regulatory bodies to balance these realities with everyone’s prized civil liberty of privacy,” said Andrew Kopon Jr., IADC President and a founding member of Kopon Airdo, LLC.  “The rule of law requires that these entities safeguard and thoughtfully examine this balance in real time or we may completely lose the expectation of privacy.”

The October DCJ features articles by IADC members that address diverse privacy topics from a global perspective. Frequently and favorably cited by courts and other legal scholarship, the DCJ is a quarterly forum for topical and scholarly writings on the law, including its development and reform, as well as on the practice of law in general. The IADC is a 2,500-member, invitation-only, worldwide organization that serves its members and their clients, as well as the civil justice system and the legal profession.

Click here for a brief summary of the articles contained in the October 2017 DCJ, as well as a link to the October issue.