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Kopon Airdo Presents at RCRI’s 2020 National Conference

Andrew Kopon Jr. and Colette Kopon presented legal and practical tips for religious institutes in employment matters during the era of COVID-19 at the annual conference hosted by the Resource Center for Religious Institutes, which was held virtually on October 23, 2020. Andy and Colette discussed the complexities of COVID-19 on the religious institute as an employer, and provided the latest EEOC technical guidance in this area. They also discussed a variety of topics relevant to the religious institute, including, Title VII and the application of Title VII’s exemptions and the ever-evolving “ministerial exception.”

To learn more about these topics, or for assistance in legal matters involving religious institutes, please contact Andrew Kopon at [email protected], or Colette Kopon at [email protected]. For more information about the Resource Center for Religious Institutes, visit https://www.trcri.org/.