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National Pro Bono Celebration October 22-28, 2017

In Celebration of National Pro Bono Week, Kopon Airdo, LLC recognized Lynn S. Kopon, who was successful in obtaining asylum status for her pro bono clients, Karen H. and Victor P., before the Immigration Court of the United States Department of Justice, Executive Office for Immigration Review in Chicago, in June 2017. Lynn successfully argued and presented evidence that the mother and her sixteen-year-old son were fleeing gang persecution and death threats in Honduras and were eligible for asylum under the law. Kopon Airdo, LLC accepted the case from the National Immigration Justice Center and we were very pleased that our clients obtained this relief and the protection of the United States.

As immigrants continue to face threats to their safety and security, legal services are critical to protect their lives and prevent family separation.  Kopon Airdo, LLC salutes all those who are committed to pro bono work focusing on due process and human rights principles for all.