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EEOC Updates Technical Assistance for Covid-19 and the Americans With Disabilities Act

On April 17, 2020, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released Technical Assistance Questions and Answers regarding Covid-19 and the interaction of this public health crisis with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Rehabilitation Act and other employment protection laws. The ADA and the Rehabilitation Act continue to apply during this time of pandemic, but […]

HIPAA Rules and Disclosures During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that it will exercise its enforcement discretion and will waive potential penalties for HIPAA violations against healthcare providers that serve patients through remote communications technologies, such as FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype, during the […]

COVID-19: The Families First Coronavirus Response Act

On March 18, 2020, Congress passed and the President signed Public Law No. 116-127, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. This Act contains, among other provisions, the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act and the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act. The Act applies generally to all businesses with fewer than 500 employees, regardless of […]

Colette L. Kopon and Daniel W. Myerson Obtain Win in the Northern District of Indiana

Colette L. Kopon and Daniel Myerson win summary judgment in favor of Saint Mary’s College in the Northern District of Indiana. At issue were the College’s tremendous efforts to accommodate an employee seeking to return from a leave of absence under the Family and Medical Leave Act by creating a new position for her that […]

2020 Kopon Airdo Employment Law Manual

By Andrew Kopon Jr., Colette L. Kopon, and Lynn S. Kopon Kopon Airdo LLC has released the 2020 Kopon Airdo Employment Law Manual. This work is a comprehensive reference guide for employers. The Employment Law Manual includes an explanation of major Federal employment law statutes updated with recent judicial and legislative developments. It also includes […]

Kopon Airdo Presents at AED’s 2020 National Summit

Michael Airdo and Colette Kopon presented on crisis management at the annual summit hosted by the Associated Equipment Distributors, which was held in Chicago, Illinois on January 14-17, 2020. Michael and Colette provided practical strategies for preventing and responding to crises, ranging from cyber threats, to natural disasters, corporate theft, and sexual harassment. AED is […]

Illinois’s 2020 #MeToo Reforms: The Impacts of Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Reforms in P.A. 101-221 on Employers, including on Contracts, Liabilities, Training, Disclosures, Leave, and Accommodations

Illinois anti-harassment and anti-discrimination law has grown far more complicated, effective January 1, 2020. That’s when most of Public Act 101-221 went into effect, adding a new minefield of duties for employers in the state. This sweeping legislation created three new Acts, including the Workplace Transparency Act (“WTA”), and amended eight others, including major additions […]

Complimentary Webinar: Sweeping Changes to Illinois Employment Laws in 2020

On Thursday, January 30, 2020, Kopon Airdo, LLC  presented a complementary webinar: Sweeping Changes to Illinois Employment Laws in 2020. This webinar introduced participants to major changes in Illinois law that will affect all employers in 2020, including amendments to the Illinois Human Rights Act, creation of the Workplace Transparency Act, and the legalization of recreational […]

Complimentary Webinar: The Civil and Canonical Implications for Religious Institutes of “You Are the Light of the World,” The Motu Proprio of Pope Francis on Sexual Abuse

On Thursday, December 12, 2019, Kopon Airdo, LLC and the Resource Center for Religious Institutes presented a complementary webinar: The Civil and Canonical Implications for Religious Institutes of “You Are the Light of the World,” The Motu Proprio of Pope Francis on Sexual Abuse. Pope Francis issued a motu proprio, Vos estis lux mundi, “You are […]

Kopon Airdo Presents at RCRI’s 2019 National Conference

Michael Airdo and Colette Kopon presented a range of topics at the annual conference hosted by the Resource Center for Religious Institutes, which was held in Dallas, Texas on October 1-4, 2019. Michael and Colette hosted a pre-conference workshop discussing legal trends and core legal issues of importance for religious institutes. Over the course of […]