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Employment Law Manual 2019
By Andrew Kopon Jr., Colette L. Kopon, and Lynn S. Kopon … Read More

Nursing Home Manual 
By Mollie E. Werwas, Mark J. Kimzey, and Sean D. Hurley … Read More

Retailers’ and Landowners’ Liabilities 
By Andrew Kopon Jr., and Michael A. Airdo … Read More
Complimentary Webinar: Sweeping Changes to Illinois Employment Laws in 2020 On Thursday, January 30, 2020, Kopon Airdo, LLC will present a complementary webinar: Sweeping Changes to Illinois Employment Laws in 2020 … Read More

Kopon Airdo Presents at AED’s 2020 National Summit Michael Airdo and Colette Kopon presented on crisis management at the annual summit hosted by the Associated Equipment Distributors, which was held in Chicago, Illinois on January 14-17, 2020… Read More

Complimentary Webinar: The Civil and Canonical Implications for Religious Institutes of “You Are the Light of the World,” The Motu Proprio of Pope Francis on Sexual Abuse On Thursday, December 12, 2019, Kopon Airdo, LLC and the Resource Center for Religious Institutes presented a complementary webinar … Read More

Kopon Airdo Presents at the 2019 Illinois Health Care Association’s Annual Convention & Expo Michael Airdo and Mollie Werwas presented two sessions at the Illinois Health Care Association’s Annual Convention & Expo, held in Springfield, Illinois on September 9-12, 2019 … Read More

Race Judicata 2019 Kopon Airdo is pleased to support Chicago Volunteer Legal Services in this year’s Race Judicata. Race Judicata is a 5k run/walk, benefitting CVLS in its commitment to bring equal access to justice to all … Read More

May 24, 2019
Daniel Myerson

Illinois’s 2020 #MeToo Reforms: The Impact of Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Reforms in P.A. 101-221 on Employers, including on Contracts, Liabilities, Training, Disclosures, Leave, and Accomodations  By Daniel W. Myerson … Read More

Illinois Appellate Court Allows Plaintiff to Pursue Aggressive Approach to Legal Fees and Costs Under the Nursing Home Care Act in Recent Decision By Amanda J. Walsh … Read More

Borrowed Employee’s Injury Claim Was Barred by the Workers Compensation Act Even Though A Staffing Agency’s Insurer Paid His Compensation Benefits By Jeanne M. Zeiger … Read More

Illinois’ New Marijuana Legislation: Notable Provisions and Important Considerations By Sean D. Hurley … Read More