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2021 Kopon Airdo Employment Law Manual

Andrew Kopon Jr., Colette L. Kopon, Lynn S. Kopon, and David A. Pestell

2021 Kopon Airdo Nursing Home  Litigation Manual

Mollie E. Werwas, Mark J. Kimzey, Sean D. Hurley, Amanda J. Walsh, and Julie A. Black

Data Security’s Weakest Links: Social Media and Human Error

Mollie E. Werwas

Emerging Trends in A Pharmacist’s Duty to Warn Liability of A Pharmacist When A Prescription is Properly Filled: An Update Regarding The Learned Intermediary Doctrine

Andrew Kopon Jr.

From Envirodyne and Beyond: The Use of Extrinsic Evidence to Defeat and Create a Duty to Defend in Illinois

Mollie E. Nolan Werwas, John D. Hackett, Jaime L. Hull, and Seth D. Lamden, IDC Quarterly, Vol. 25, No. 3, Third Quarter 2015.

Nursing Home Charting Tips: A Legal Perspective

Andrew Kopon Jr., and Michael A. Airdo, 2012.

The Perils of Oversharing: Can the Attorney-Client Privilege be Broadly Waived by Partially Disclosing Attorney Communications During Negotiations?

Andrew Kopon Jr., and Mary-Christine Sungaila.

The Tri-Partite Relationship: Understanding and Managing the Relationship of the Insured, the Insurer, and Defense Counsel

Michael A. Airdo, Jeffrey A. Dollinger, and Neil G. Wolf, 2011.

Webinar: Guarding Against Bad Apples: How to Protect Your Organization from Criminal Acts of Others

Michael A. Airdo, September 7, 2011.

Webinar: How to Perform a Workplace Investigation

Andrew Kopon Jr., April 26, 2011.

Mandatory Insurer Reporting: A Primer For Responsible Reporting Entities

Michael A. Airdo, 2010.

Contract Review Assessment Kit

Michael A. Airdo

Challenging Expert Witness Testimony

Andrew Kopon Jr., Book Editor and Chapter Author, Lexis Publishing, 2000.

What to Do When Opposing Counsel Uses the Internet as a Weapon: Tools to Combat the Publication of Discovery Materials and Extrajudicial Statements on the Internet

International Association of Defense Counsel
Trial Techniques and Tactics Committee Newsletter, March 2010.

Nursing Home Charting and Documentation

Andrew Kopon Jr., and Michael A. Airdo
Long-Term Care Interface, Vol. 6 (11) 2005.

Ministry Relationships and Risks for the Legally Unwary Religious Institute and Society of Apostolic Life: Examining Physical and Psychological Exploitation Scenarios That Can Give Rise To Individual and Institutional Liability

The Legal Bulletin, No. 82, Fall 2006, Legal Resource Center for Religious.

Understanding, Selecting and Using Insurance: A Guide for Religious Institutes

Kevin Duck and Michael A. Airdo, Esq.
The Legal Bulletin, No. 83, Spring 2007, Legal Resource Center for Religious.

Indoor Environment: Regulatory Developments and Emerging Standards of Care

Andrew Kopon Jr., and Joseph C. Gergtis
Defense Counsel Journal, Vol. 62, No. 1, January 1995.

Encouraging Corporate Responsibility: The Privilege of Self-Critical Analysis

Andrew Kopon Jr., Robert W. Hickey, and Scott A. Kearns
IDC Monograph, Quarterly Vol. 5, No. 3, Third Quarter 1995.

State by State Anti-Indemnity Statutes

Kopon Airdo, LLC.